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HSAs and Pregnancy Benefits

The vast majority of employer-sponsored plans provide full pregnancy benefits with no pre-existing condition limitations. However, maternity coverage is a completely different matter under health insurance plans marketed to individuals and families in most states, including Illinois and Indiana.

If you do not have employer-sponsored coverage, you may have difficulty finding affordable maternity benefits in the individual health insurance market, but Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can help.

Using HSAs to Fund Maternity Expense

Most individual health policies include standard benefits protecting against complications of pregnancy, which is where the more meaningful financial risk lies. In comparison, the cost of routine maternity services is predictable and could be funded, via an HSA, over two or three years.

So, if you cannot get affordable coverage for routine maternity, we suggest buying an HSA health plan and making HSA deposits to pre-fund anticipated routine maternity expenses. That way you can pay the routine maternity expenses with before-tax money rather than with after-tax money. Depending on your tax bracket, that could save you a few thousand dollars. In addition, the HSA-compatible health insurance plan will provide protection against the significant costs that can be associated with complications of pregnancy.

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