Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Eligibility Guidelines

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Applicant Age Requirement

Applicants must be Illinois residents age 19 through 64. Applicants may also insure their spouse and children.

Spouses and Children

Coverage is also available to spouses and unmarried children. Dependent children must be under age 26, or under age 30 if a military veteran discharged, other than dishonorably, residing in Illinois.

Newborn Children

Under existing policies, newborn children are covered from the moment of birth, as long as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is notified within 31 days of the birth.

Handicapped Children

Under existing policies, any children who are dependent upon the applicant or other care providers for support and maintenance because of a handicapped condition will be covered regardless of age if they are covered prior to reaching the limiting age stated above.

Non-US Citizens

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois will consider coverage for non-US citizens who have resided in the US for at least six months and have had undergone a complete physical exam performed by a physician in the US within the past two years.

Plans for Children Only

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois markets their "Pathway" plans for applicants ages 1through 18, but coverage can only begin during specified open enrollment periods, which are January 1-31 and July 1-31.

The BCBSIL products featured on this site are only available to applicants age 19 through 64. Children can be insured under these products, but they must be enrolled as a dependent of an applicant who meets the 19 through 64 age requirement.

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