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Network-Based Dental Plans

Anthem's Dental Blue plans are network-based (PPO) dental insurance products. You will not maximize your benefits under these plans unless you use dentists participating in one of the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield networks. Do not buy one of these plans unless you have checked the Anthem dental networks to ensure your access to a participating dentist.

Packaged with Medical or Stand-Alone

You can package one of the Anthem Dental Blue plans with your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, or you can buy Anthem Dental Blue coverage on a stand-alone basis.

Covering a Spectrum of Dental Services

All three Anthem Dental Blue plans cover the full cost of in-network diagnostic and preventive care. In addition, they provide immediate coverage for minor restorative services like fillings and space maintainers.

The "budget" Dental Blue Basic 100 plan does not provide benefits for major restorative dental care, which is covered (subject to a 12-month waiting period) under the other two plans: Dental Blue Essential 100 and Dental Blue Essential 200.

Dental Blue Essential 100 and Dental Blue Essential 200 provide basically the same coverage. The difference is that the higher cost Dental Blue Essential 200 plan has a bigger network of dentists -- including all the dentists who participate in the 100 network.


Anthem Dental Blue Plan Overview

Submit Application

How to Apply
Provide zip code, gender and birth date information. You will be presented with Anthem health insurance quotes. Click the "Dental Plans" tab in the upper left part of the quote menu. You will be presented with the three Dental Blue plan choices. Pick one and put it in your Anthem shopping cart. You will have the option of buying it stand-alone or combining it with an Anthem health insurance plan.

  Dental Blue
Basic 100
Dental Blue
Essential 100
Dental Blue
Essential 200
All Plans
Networks Dental Blue 100 Dental Blue 100 Dental Blue 200 (Includes all Dental Blue 100 Dentists) Benefit from negotiated rates at Dental Blue Providers
Preventive and Diagnostic Care 100% covered within plan network; includes routine checkups, X-rays and fluoride applications for children 100% covered within plan network; includes Basic 100 services plus space maintainers No waiting period; no deductible in or out of network; covers two routine cleanings and oral exams per year; molar/bicuspid X-rays; full mouth X-rays covered once every five years
Minor Restorative Dental Care 80% covered within plan network and pays set amount out-of-network after $50 deductible;* includes fillings and space maintainers; extractions not covered 80% covered within plan network and pays set amount out-of-network after $50 deductible;* includes fillings and extractions; space maintainers considered preventive/diagnostic care No waiting period
Major Restorative Dental Care Not covered Pays set amount within plan network and out-of-network after $50 deductible;* includes crowns, bridges, root canals and dentures 12-month waiting period with Dental Blue Essential plan options
Monthly Rates (subject to change) Adult: $18.50
Child: $13.00
Adult: $21.00
Child: $15.00
Adult: $31.00
Child: $21.50

* Per member, per calendar year

This is only a summary of Dental Blue benefits. For complete benefit details, refer to your individual dental contract.

Who is Eligible for Dental Blue?

Anthem Dental Blue eligibility rules are similar to Anthem's health insurance eligibility requirements, except you can purchased stand-alone Dental Blue coverage for a single child or for multiple children:

  • Must be between the ages of "newborn" and age 64. Newborns (whose parents/siblings are not current Anthem policyholders) are eligible for individual coverage only when released to home under routine care.
  • Must be a permanent resident of the state of Indiana
  • Must be a legal U.S. resident
  • Anthem Dental Blue coverage will not be provided when other dental insurance is to remain in force.
  • Domestic Partners are eligible family members (though Anthem may require completion of an affidavit).
  • Applications may be submitted for children only (not including a parent), if all children are under age 18.
  • Dependent children can be covered to the end of the month in which they turn age 26.

When Packaged with Anthem Health Insurance

Enrollment restrictions apply when Anthem Dental Blue coverage is purchased in conjunction with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. These enrollment rules do not apply when Dental Blue is purchased "stand alone."

In order for family members, including spouse, to be eligible for Dental Blue coverage, the health insurance subscriber must also sign up for the benefit. In addition, either all or none of the dependent children in the health insurance plan must enroll in the dental plan.

When Anthem Dental Blue Begins

A complete dental application submitted by an eligible applicant should not take more than a few business days for Anthem to process. So your Anthem Dental Blue insurance can typically begin very soon after your submitting the application.

However, when you purchase Anthem Dental Blue in conjunction with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, your dental insurance will not begin until the effective date of your Anthem health plan, and the health insurance application can take longer to process.

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