Good persuasive speech topics including examples of persuasive issues, grounds, sense and experiences for a persuasive public speaking speech. These are very tasty speech topics to listen to. Because they appeal to the thoughts, feelings, experiences and even situations every member of the public will recognize. Yes, you have to do a little homework, to do some audience analysis.
It will help you to narrow the speech ideas down till they fit the public’s mindset. In other words, this page is not about tired and general persuasive speech topics that have been used too often. Like adoption, the death penalty, public prayer in education, and so on. On my other pages you can find many, many focused fresh and creative speech thesis statements on themes like that. Here I show you some fresh and creative examples of speech topics to persuade and three simple ways to tweak and twist too broad subjects into a more handy size for research.

Here is a list of 90 Persuasive Essay Topics. Choose wisely!

  1. Beer commercials
  2. Parents should not spank their children.
  3. Year Round School Schedule
  4. The benefit of team sports to children
  5. Salary caps for professional athletes
  6. Publicity for women’s sports
  7. Explicit sexual imagery in the media
  8. Images of minorities in the media
  9. Retention (repeating a grade) of Students if Not at Grade Level
  10. Men are obliged to put the seat down for the convenience of women.
  11. Stricter Academic Requirements for Student-Athletes
  12. Images of homosexuals in the media
  13. Reality television as a positive or negative cultural phenomenon
  14. Youth athletic participation in sports like gymnastics and figure skating
  15. Drunk Driving: How should drunk drivers be punished?
  16. Alcohol: Is the advertising of liquor on radio and television irresponsible?
  17. Eliminating the Traditional A-B-C-D-F Grading System
  18. Drafting of athletes out of high school
  19. Sports: Are professional athletes paid too much?
  20. HMOs and other forms of managed health care are insufficient for ensuring that all Americans receive adequate health care.
  21. Poverty: Should the homeless be banned from cities?
  22. Consumerism: Has the increase of large “box” stores such as Wal-Mart been beneficial to consumers and their communities?
  23. Advertising that targets children
  24. Violent video games
  25. Smoking: Should there be an outright ban on smoking and the sale of tobacco products?
  26. Censorship: Can a city or country ban offensive art (i.e. visual art, music, etc.)?
  27. Requirements for children’s educational programming
  28. Discrimination: Are women victims of discrimination in the workplace?
  29. Spay and neuter your pets.
  30. College sports recruitment practices
  31. Zero Tolerance Discipline
  32. MySpace and Facebook as a cultural phenomenon
  33. Drug Abuse: Should employees be tested for drugs?
  34. RU-486 should not be available to American women.
  35. Marijuana: Should marijuana be legalized?
  36. The U.S. should ratify the Treaty for the Rights of Women (CEDAW), sponsored by Amnesty International.
  37. Prohibiting Vending Machines with Unhealthy Choices on School Campuses
  38. Public funding of community sports programs
  39. Alcohol: Should the government lower the legal drinking age?
  40. Academic expectations of college athletes
  41. Internet filters
  42. Illegal music downloading
  43. School Safety: Is juvenile crime a serious problem in schools?
  44. Shoes and socks tell a lot about men.
  45. Merit Pay for Teachers
  46. Cloning: Is human cloning ethical or unethical?
  47. Tanning: Should tanning be banned from teenagers?
  48. Images of women in the media
  49. Cosmetic Surgery: Is cosmetic surgery a good or bad thing?
  50. Eating Disorders: Does our culture promote eating disorders?
  51. The majority of graduate students struggle with emotional fatigue.
  52. Environmental Preservation: Is consumerism killing the Earth?
  53. Pornography: Are stronger child pornography laws needed?
  54. Sometimes it is okay to lie.
  55. Men and women speak different languages in love matters.
  56. Transplants: Should people be allowed to sell their organs for transplants?
  57. Internet cyberstalkers
  58. RU-486 should be available to American women.
  59. Drug Abuse: Should pregnant addicts be prosecuted?
  60. Alcohol or cigarette advertising
  61. Multi-Age Classrooms (2 grades combined, such as 3ld-4lh)
  62. Standardized, High Stakes Testing
  63. Advertising in the public schools
  64. Attracting More Male Teachers
  65. Public radio/public television
  66. Divorce: Does divorce help or hurt children?
  67. Teacher Looping (advancing or keeping teacher with same class of students for 2 or more consecutive years)
  68. All Day Kindergarten
  69. Increasing Number of Teacher Contract Days to Allow More Staff Development. Days for Teacher Growth & Development
  70. Crime: Should violent juvenile criminals be tried as adults?
  71. Funding issues for women’s sports
  72. Abortion: Another name for murder or a desperate necessity?
  73. Sports gambling
  74. Internet privacy issues
  75. Internet pornography
  76. The rising price of tickets to professional games
  77. Internet: Does the internet do more harm than good or vice versa?
  78. School Uniform: An effective and good tradition or unnecessary and outdated?
  79. Animal Rights: Should animals be used for experimentation and research?
  80. Makeover programs
  81. School vouchers are a poor substitute to improving public education.
  82. Euthanasia: Should physician-assisted suicide be legalized?
  83. Hip-hop music lyrics
  84. Public funding of professional stadiums
  85. Ticketmaster has a monopoly on getting tickets.
  86. Higher Pay in Teacher Shortage Areas (math, science, special education, urban schools)
  87. Mentoring Programs for New Teachers
  88. Music: Does popular music teach immoral values?
  89. Our generation has a different life style than the generation of our parents.
  90. Television, movie, music, or video game ratings

Here is a list of tired persuasive speaking topics that you want to avoid:

  1. The death penalty. In my experience, this is by far the number one tired topic chosen by students. I have no idea why, as I doubt many students have personal experience with the death penalty.
  2. Why marijuana should be legal/Why the drinking age should be 18. See #3.
  3. Abortion. This topic isn’t as tired as you think, but everyone has heard these arguments before.
  4. Why you should wear your seat belt. Or why you should wear your helmet. This is not new information.
  5. Why you shouldn’t smoke. Also not new information. Why you shouldn’t binge drink is kind of a tired topic too, but it’s more timely.
  6. Birth Control.. An important message? Yes. A new message? No. Why you should give blood. Another useful topic that unfortunately has been overused.
  7. Why you should recycle. See #9.
  8. Violence in the media. This topic is both tired and difficult. There’s so much information out there about violence in the media, and lots of it is conflicting. Sex in the media also is a tired topic.
  9. Why you should adopt a pet. This speech always goes the same: cute pictures of kitties and doggies, followed by horrible stats about how many animals are put down. The get your pet spayed or neutered speech is not as tired, but avoid any cheesy references to Bob Barker.
  10. Affirmative Action. There’s nothing wrong with a controversial topic, but this one has been overused big time.